Taking “Stock” of your “Brace.”

Pistol Brace vs. Buttstock: Understanding the Legal Ramifications for AR Pistols

The AR pistol is popular among gun enthusiasts due to its compact size and versatility. However, one aspect that often generates confusion and debate is whether to use a pistol brace or a buttstock. This article aims to shed light on the legal ramifications of these choices and provide a clearer understanding of AR pistol regulations.

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crowd surging forward

SAFE – In the time of Covid

Orginally published June 6, 2020

SAFE – Situational Awareness For Everyone

With the first weekend of Phase 2 (Virginia’s and other states’ Covid-19) reopening, we need to be aware of what could happen.

In an article about Mob psychology, author Spencer Baum helped explain sociologist Mark Granovetter’s theory of Threshold models of collective behavior and how humans react differently when in crowds.

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