Question: How long are your courses?

Answer: We offer a range of courses, each built to provide comprehensive training within a specific duration. Here’s a breakdown of our course durations:

Question: Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in these training courses?

Answer: No, there are no prerequisites for enrolling in our courses. We structure each class as a stand-alone module but in a way that they complement and build upon each other to enhance your overall security understanding.

Question: Where is the training located? Can you come to me?

Answer: Strasburg, Virginia. Our classroom/scenario setting is just a short drive from the NOVA/DC area for local enthusiasts. But we’re all about flexibility! Our trainer can travel to your location, ensuring a personalized, hassle-free training experience tailored to your schedule. Plus, we encourage family members to attend. This collective learning approach provides everyone in your household with vital safety skills.

Question: Is there a recommended order in which to take the courses?

Answer: While each course is a stand-alone course, we recommend starting with the following progression for a foundational grasp:

  1. Defensive Handgun/Concealed Handgun Permit
  2. In-Home Defense
  3. CHAOS (Scenario Training)

To delve deeper and gain a more comprehensive understanding of our Personal Security philosophy, we recommend the following:

  1. SAFE (Situational Awareness For Everyone)
  2. Self Defense and Legal Use Of Force

Question: Can you tell me more about the Basic Handgun/Concealed Handgun Permit course?

Answer:  Our training covers everything you need to apply for a Concealed Handgun Permit in Virginia (Resident/Non-resident). Some of the areas are: 

  • Code of Virginia on Firearms  
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Handgun Safety and Maintenance  
  • Aftermath and Reporting 
  • The importance and benefits of firearm-related insurance
  • Practical applications and dry fire
  • Live Fire Range: While highly recommended, it’s optional and based on individual preference. Contact us for more information.

Question: Will the In-Home Defense course teach me how to secure my house against intruders?

Answer: Absolutely! Our In-Home Defense handgun course enhances your self-defense capabilities within your home’s unique environment. Here’s how:

  • Experience hands-on situations to navigate your home safely, preparing you for emergencies
  • We cultivate decisive confidence, eliminating doubts in crises and ensuring safe handgun use
  • Learn the essentials of secure firearm storage, balancing accessibility and security
  • Master rapid weapon access and operation for crucial moments
  • And more

Question: What does the CHAOS – Scenario Training course involve?

Answer: CHAOS is our flagship course, Concealed-Handgun, Home-Defense, Applied Outcomes-Based, Scenario Training. The added realism of the Stress Vest® technology immerses participants in genuine real-world challenges, such as navigating late-night situations, responding to unexpected encounters, and handling home intrusions. Beyond individual skills, CHAOS ties all our courses together, providing an integrated training experience. It’s designed to elevate decision-making, boost confidence, and empower you to act effectively in unpredictable situations.

Question: What does the SAFE – Situational Awareness For Everyone course cover?

Answer: SAFE focuses on leveraging an understanding of human behavior to identify pre-event indicators. In our ever-evolving world, recognizing these subtle cues is paramount. Our course aids you in comprehending your surroundings, making sense of observed behaviors, and applying critical thinking. This enhanced safety and provides strategies to avert potential conflicts or violence whenever possible. Harness the power of behavioral insights with SAFE.

Question: Can the Self Defense and Legal Use of Force course help me understand the legal aspects of using a firearm for self-defense?

Answer: Our course will provide an understanding of the legalities surrounding the use of a firearm for self-defense. We’ll cover:

  • How a claim of Self Defense is evaluated and broken down, enabling you to understand the criteria and nuances involved
  • Use Of Force Continuum
  • Defense of self or others and defense of property, ensuring participants are well-versed in each situation’s legal limits and implications
  • Case studies to illustrate how the law is applied

Question: Do you provide any practical training or hands-on experience as part of the courses?

Answer: Every course we offer integrates practical application, ensuring participants gain hands-on experience with the lessons taught.

Question: Do I need to own a firearm before enrolling in your courses?

Answer: No, you do not need to own a firearm to enroll. We provide the training tools needed for the course. You may bring your firearm and accessories to the training (with prior coordination), but it is unnecessary.

Question: What kind of ongoing support or resources do you offer after completing the course?

Answer: We’re committed to your continued learning and support. After your course completion, not only can you connect with us via phone, text, website, social media, or email for any further insights or questions, but there’s also a bonus: Refer a new paying student, and you get the opportunity to retake the same course at no cost.

Feel free to contact our team if you have further questions or need assistance planning your training journey!