Training Class FAQs

  • What classes do you teach?

I specialize in combat pistol, combat carbine, battle rifle, Close Quarters Battle, and 1911 specific courses. My AK classes fall under the carbine category. I do offer specialized courses to LE and military that are not listed here. Contact me direct for specific info on those.

  • Do you teach the classes yourself ?

Yes. I only use specially selected assistant instructors in large military classes and specific locations. I do occasionally teach with my good friend and mentor, Ken Hackathorn, and in those situations we are dual lead instructors.

  • Do you offer a Mil/LE discount ?

No. I do so much business with Gov/Mil students that the prices have been standardized across the board to military levels.

  • How many rounds do you fire in your classes?

The actual amount can vary depending on many factors but a good rule of thumb is 400 rounds per day. My experience has taught me this allows for a slight buffer without a shooter buying a lot of excess ammo. In carbine/pistol combo classes, this number is 200 rounds per caliber, per gun, per day. These numbers are the minimum amount of ammo needed to complete the course.

  • How many students are in a class?

Generally 10 to 16 is the typical class size. Depending on the circumstances, it may be less or a little more, but I try and max out at 16. Any more and the amount of individual attention for each shooter suffers.

  • What is your training philosophy?

I am very accuracy oriented. You will be held accountable for every round you fire with importance placed on an accurate shot every time you pull the trigger; just like in the real world. As my students can attest, 400 rounds of concentration on each shot is mentally fatiguing. My goal is to give you drills, skills and feedback to allow you to become a better shooter. My methods are proven, sound, and –if properly applied– guaranteed to succeed. Speed is also a factor in my training, but is used in conjunction with accuracy, not as a substitute for it. There may be others who teach differently than I do, that believe their approach is better -– so be it. I am not in competition with any other instructors as I have developed a training approach that has been proven successful at the very highest level. There is no guesswork in what I teach.

  • Why do class prices vary at times?

Their can be many factors for this but the number one reason is travel costs. A two day class that is a 3 hour drive from my home will almost certainly be cheaper than the same class on the West Coast. However, prices usually never differ by more than $50 .

  • How do I host a class?

Contact me directly for specifics about hosting. It is a very simple process and I can help walk first time hosts though the procedure. I also have different payment procedures depending on the preferences of the host or agency/unit sponsoring the class.

  • What are the individual requirements for a class?

Please check the training page for class equipment specifics, but the baseline is safe weapons handling habits and a good attitude. In basic level classes, a refined skill set is not required -– and in some cases it is a drawback as many times a shooter will have bad habits to unlearn.

  • What about firearms safety?

A safety brief is conducted at the beginning of each class and muzzle awareness and trigger finger safety is strictly monitored at all times. Safe firearms handling without excessive and unnecessary safety rules is a must in today’s world to be truly effective with a fighting firearm. This is the approach I have taken with very good results. I reserve the right to dismiss any student not displaying correct firearms handling. This usually means one warning before dismissal, but not in all cases. The bottom line is show up switched on, knowing the status of your weapon, where it is pointed, and ready to learn. You do this and you will be good to go.

  • What kind of atmosphere is the class environment?

Anyone who has been in my class knows I like to have a good time. In fact, many of my quips and one liners are now legendary. However, I always expect and display professional firearms handling –- I take my job extremely seriously. We can joke and have a good time, but when it comes to employing a given weapons system, I am deadly serious. Therefore, I do not plink and play with my weapon and that behavior won’t be tolerated in my class.

  • Are private classes available?

Yes. Please contact me direct for specifics.