Ever asked yourself, “What would I do if…?”

Uncover the answers with CHAOS — Concealed-Handgun, Home-Defense, Applied Outcomes-Based, Scenario Training. This immersive Force-on-Force program prepares you to face a myriad of challenging circumstances, all backed by the added realism of our state-of-the-art Stress Vest(™) systems.

Imagine being armed with the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to safely navigate these chaotic  situations:

1. Walking out from your office late at night – how well can you protect yourself?

2. Being approached by unfamiliar faces while away from home – what’s your strategy?

3. Arriving home to discover unknown person(s) in your premises – are you prepared?

4. Finding yourself in the middle of a sudden altercation – how would you respond?

These scenarios, ranging from straightforward to complex, test your critical thinking and push your boundaries, preparing you for the unforeseen. Our prior training courses can enhance your understanding, but rest assured, they’re not prerequisites.

Using the Stress Vest(™) system significantly enhances the realism of these training scenarios. This cutting-edge technology registers impacts and triggers a sensation that safely mimics the adrenaline rush of real-life confrontations, helping you better understand and manage your reactions under pressure.

In the CHAOS training environment, you’re more than a bystander – you’re an active participant. It’s not just about preparation but about transforming you into a decisive actor in your personal safety narrative.

Step into the world of Amestratus and scenario training with CHAOS. Test your skills, boost your confidence, and heighten your readiness for unexpected encounters. Accept the challenge, take control, and turn uncertainty into empowerment. 

Are you ready to challenge unpredictability head-on? Sign up for our CHAOS training today. It’s your first step towards a safer tomorrow. Experience the power of realistic training with CHAOS and Stress Vest(™) – where we don’t just prepare you, we equip you for action!