In-Home Defense

Boost your self-defense capabilities with our revolutionary In-Home Defense handgun course! Tailor-made to arm you with essential skills for using your weapon inside and around your home, this course is the ultimate investment in your family’s safety.

We’ll guide you through real-world scenarios, teaching you the best ways to maneuver through your house efficiently and safely. You’ll be fully equipped to escort your loved ones to a safe location during an emergency, with decisive confidence.

Don’t be left wondering if you can truly protect your family in a crisis. Our comprehensive training will empower you to effectively wield your handgun in a life-saving capacity if the need arises.

We will also share crucial insights into proper weapon storage. Learn where and how to securely stow your firearm, ensuring easy access while maintaining safety. We equip you with knowledge and techniques to swiftly and securely bring your weapon into operation when every second counts.

We utilize the cutting-edge StressVest™ for an immersive, safe, and engaging training experience. This force-on-force firearm training system brings an unprecedented level of reality to your in-home training, offering demonstrations and practical exercises without the risk of projectile injury. Using StressVest™, you’ll receive immediate feedback on your performance, helping you understand your responses under pressure and how to optimize them.

StressVest™ is an innovative tool used by law enforcement, the military, and now, civilian training. It works by creating stress through a harmless pain penalty, making the training as close to reality as possible without the inherent dangers.

Our conveniently located in-office range is just a short drive from the NOVA/DC area, perfect for local enthusiasts. However, we understand the value of training in your actual environment, and so, we also offer in-home training, bringing our expertise directly to your doorstep.

Now’s the time to take the next step in your self-defense training. Don’t wait for an emergency to wish you were better prepared. Secure your family’s safety today. Contact us to register for our In-Home Defense handgun course and experience the transformational power of StressVest™. We can’t wait to be part of your journey to heightened safety and confidence!