Read the newspaper… watch the news… it seems as if wherever we go, we are under attack. Whether it is terrorism, crime, or angry co-workers, threats appear to be everywhere. Can you live a normal life, or do you need to stay home and lock yourself away?

The most important question is: How do we keep our loved ones, and ourselves safe?

Situational Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) – is a course designed to help you identify “threat indicators” and take action to protect yourself and your family. Humans around the world display biological and innate cues that give “indications” of their actions. Once you learn these human behaviors, you can quickly identify potential threats and dangerous situations, and avoid them. The tools you will learn to use don’t weigh anything, and you won’t have to buy any special equipment. You already have the best weapon to fight these threats… Your brain!

Your brain already has this knowledge locked away. SAFE will help you unlock it and understand how to make it work for you.

Your brain wants to protect you. SAFE releases your brain from the restrictions of modern society and allows it to do its job.

Rocky has taught Situational Awareness, Insider Threat/Active Shooter  to students in USSOCOM (Special Operations Command), the US Secret Service, the FBI, Customs and Border Protection, US Parks Police, and DC Metro Police. 

The course is 8 hours, and can be broken down into two 4-hour days, or one 8-hour day.

Small classes allow for more personal instruction.

We can accommodate larger Groups/Organizations.