Welcome to the Situational Awareness For Everyone — SAFE course, where we empower individuals to stay safe by honing their innate threat detection and avoidance skills. In a world increasingly fraught with risks – from crime and terrorism to workplace altercations – SAFE offers an invaluable guide to identifying potential dangers and taking swift protective measures. Our curriculum is rooted in expertise drawn from training top-tier institutions like the US Secret Service, Special Operations Forces, and DC Metro Police.

Harness the power of your brain to stay safe. Learn how to decipher the subtle cues in human behavior that foretell potential threats. SAFE provides you with a comprehensive understanding of these biological and innate signals, enhancing your capability to swiftly identify and evade perilous situations.

No need for special equipment or weighty tools. Your brain, with its inherent capacity to protect you, is the most potent weapon you have. Our course unlocks this innate potential, helping you use cognitive prowess to keep danger at bay.

Join us for an intensive 8-hour course, which you can spread out across two days for your convenience. We prioritize personalized instruction with our small class sizes, but we’re equally adept at accommodating larger groups and organizations.

Engage with the SAFE course, unlock your brain’s potential, and navigate the complexities of modern society with confidence and security. Opt for safety, opt for awareness, opt for SAFE.