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Unknown situations, unknown persons, unknown intentions, and unpredictability can lead to CHAOS. Our “Reality Based Training” will help reduce the chaos and leave you better prepared.

CHAOS (Concealed-handgun, Home-defense, Applied Outcomes-based Scenarios) places you in different Personal Security scenarios > Using your awareness, training, and skills to overcome these challenges, you decide how to handle the situation and keep you and your family safe.

Using StressVest™, you will receive instant feedback. You will learn how you react under stress, and how to improve your performance.

StressVest™ is a non-projectile, force-on-force, firearm training system capable of creating stress through a pain penalty without fear of projectile injury for training Law Enforcement, Military, and civilians.

These scenarios build off of our other training courses, which greatly enhance your understanding and performance, but prior attendance is not required.

Scenarios range from simple to complex and will challenge your awareness and critical thinking.

Example Scenarios

  • Home invasion
  • Burglary
  • Workplace violence
  • Robbery
  • Caught up in evolving situations
  • Witness to a crime

We can come to you and your organization.

We can tailor our training to fit your needs.

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