Rough water ahead, be prepared.

Why You Should Register for Amestratus Training Courses

Preparing to defend yourself and your loved ones extends beyond physical measures. It is a holistic approach comprising self-awareness, environment comprehension, and skills acquisition. Maintaining your security necessitates heightened awareness about potential threats in various environments, including your home.

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Enhancing Your Situational Awareness

The Importance of Understanding Human Behavior for Personal Safety

“Situational Awareness” is all the rage now, but what is it?; Is it knowing where exits are, keeping your “head on a swivel,” “checking your Six,” or is it a matter of learning and living in one of “Cooper’s Color Code” conditions? These are nice mantras, but how do they apply to our awareness and the ability to perceive, understand, and predict the dynamics of our environment? 

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Preparing for the Unexpected

The Power of Scenario Training in Self-Defense

Scenario training, a vital yet often overlooked aspect of self-defense training, involves simulated exercises designed to imitate real-life emergencies. It prepares individuals for the unexpected, enabling them to respond effectively to high-stress situations. While the benefits of scenario training span various aspects,

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Taking “Stock” of your “Brace.”

Pistol Brace vs. Buttstock: Understanding the Legal Ramifications for AR Pistols

The AR pistol is popular among gun enthusiasts due to its compact size and versatility. However, one aspect that often generates confusion and debate is whether to use a pistol brace or a buttstock. This article aims to shed light on the legal ramifications of these choices and provide a clearer understanding of AR pistol regulations.

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