Rough water ahead, be prepared.

Why You Should Register for Amestratus Training Courses

Preparing to defend yourself and your loved ones extends beyond physical measures. It is a holistic approach comprising self-awareness, environment comprehension, and skills acquisition. Maintaining your security necessitates heightened awareness about potential threats in various environments, including your home.

Understanding the nuances of personal safety, recognizing suspicious behaviors, and assessing risky situations is crucial. 

With Amestratus, the training courses involve weapons handling and mastering techniques like de-escalation and understanding legal aspects. Self-defense is about maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional well-being by ensuring safety. 

Physical, mental, and emotional preparedness build an all-encompassing shield, equipping you to respond to any situation effectively and safely. This balanced approach empowers individuals to navigate life with an amplified sense of security and confidence.

Understanding Personal Security

Personal security refers to an individual’s practices and measures to ensure physical safety and well-being. It encompasses awareness of one’s surroundings, risk detection and avoidance, self-defense skills, and emergency response preparedness. This holistic approach empowers individuals to navigate potential threats, safeguarding their peace of mind, and minimizing the risk of harm in various contexts, both within and outside the home environment.

While it’s true that most people mean no harm, it’s vital to recognize the potential physical risks that exist and prepare for them. Personal security training equips you with the knowledge and skills to handle unexpected violent situations effectively. Preparation isn’t about living in fear but about adopting a proactive approach to safety. A well-devised plan provides confidence and assurance, turning potential vulnerability into empowerment and ensuring you’re ready for violence.

The Amestratus Advantage

Amestratus is a beacon in personal security training. It offers specialized courses tailored to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to safeguard themselves in various situations. Amestratus’ systems serve as a paradigm of excellence and versatility in the security training sector through a unique blend of practical knowledge, technical skills, and experience-driven tactics.

What sets Amestratus apart is its “principle-based” approach to training. The aim is to equip individuals with adaptable skills applicable to any situation. It’s not about learning rigid methods for specific scenarios; it’s about grasping the fundamental principles of safety and defense that you can flexibly apply as per the situation’s demand.

Amestratus firmly believes in democratizing security training. It strives to offer the public the same level and type of training traditionally reserved for Military, Law Enforcement, and Government Agencies. We believe that high-quality personal security training should be accessible to everyone. 

We are committed to empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge to navigate today’s complex security landscape confidently and safely. Our courses’ unique advantages lie in their content and our commitment to fostering an environment of empowerment and peace of mind, demonstrating that personal security is a valuable life investment.

Reinforcing this conviction are the members of prestigious groups that have benefitted from Amestratus’ expertise. US Special Operations Forces, FBI, DC Metro Police, US Customs and Border Protection, US Secret Service, and international military are just a few of the organizations that Amestratus has helped train.

Amestratus’ training is “principle-based,” making it adaptable to any scenario. We focus on building a comprehensive understanding of personal security rather than merely teaching reactive techniques. This training empowers individuals to dynamically assess and respond to situations dynamically, guided by ingrained principles rather than rigid rules.

Rocky, Amestratus’ founder, is an accomplished instructor with diverse credentials contributing to his personal security expertise. He is a certified Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Instructor, an NRA Pistol Instructor, a US Concealed Carry Association Instructor, and a “Law of Self Defense” Instructor. His extensive qualifications ensure the delivery of high-quality, comprehensive training.

He is continuously enhancing his knowledge and refining his skills, staying current with evolving security practices and trends. This perpetual learning ensures that Amestratus’s training is consistently top-tier, equipping you with the most effective strategies and techniques for personal security in today’s ever-changing threat landscape.

Making the Right Choice: Handgun Training

Basic Handgun/Concealed Handgun Permit provides a vital understanding of firearm safety and handling. It instills proficiency in the use of handguns, as well as the legal and ethical considerations of carrying a concealed firearm. This course demystifies firearms, transforming them from sources of intimidation into empowerment tools usable for protection when necessary.

The Power of Awareness: SAFE Training

SAFE – Situational Awareness For Everyone course emphasizes the power of preventative safety. It teaches trainees to be aware of their surroundings, understand potential threats, and react appropriately to various situations. This consciousness not only bolsters personal security but also enhances one’s confidence and tranquility in daily life.

Securing Your Home: In-Home Defense

The In-Home Defense course specializes in strategies to secure your home from intruders. This course provides participants with strategies to protect their living spaces, making them less vulnerable to potential intrusions or attacks. It encompasses a broad range of tactics, from physical defense to optimal home security configurations, providing comprehensive training for protection within your personal space. 

Preparing for Real-Life: CHAOS Scenario Training

CHAOS – Scenario Training takes learning from theoretical to practical, simulating real-world situations that test and refine an individual’s reaction, decision-making abilities, and survival strategies under pressure, applying learned principles in realistic, dynamic situations.

This high-intensity training prepares individuals to remain calm, make quick decisions, and respond effectively under pressure. It empowers trainees to understand the unpredictability of real-world situations and prepares them to adapt accordingly.

Understanding Your Rights: Self-Defense and Legal Use of Force

Self Defense and Legal Use of Force is another crucial offering. This course equips attendees with a solid foundation for understanding legal boundaries, balancing self-protection, and compliance with laws.

Students gain a deep understanding of the legal implications of force, enabling them to navigate complex situations responsibly and legally.

So what does this mean to you?

Personal security training is increasingly essential in today’s world, and Amestratus stands out for its comprehensive, principle-based courses. Emphasizing practical training, Amestratus equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to confidently navigate diverse safety situations. Taught by our highly-qualified instructor these courses offer the same level of preparation given to military and law enforcement. This practical approach to personal security training provides enhanced safety and fosters confidence and peace of mind.

The Next Steps

Ready to prioritize your security and the safety of your loved ones? Start your journey with Amestratus today! Our comprehensive training courses are tailor-made to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to handle various challenging situations. Whether it’s mastering the art of concealed carry, enhancing situational awareness, or understanding the legal use of force, we’ve got a course designed for you. So why wait? Click here to register for our classes and embrace the peace of mind of being prepared. Your security journey starts here!

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